Monday, October 06, 2008

Joe Biden

© 2008 Sameer Kibey


Cuckoo said...

Whenever I come here, I read this

"An ideal caricature is one that has more resemblance to the subject than the subject himself ! - R. K. Laxman" and then I go smiling. :-)

atlas said...

This is a nice caricature..i recognized him immediately...I would like to see another one in which he is passionately arguing beyond the alloted time, with the Dems in the background, asking him to stop talking.

Ajit said...

This is funtastic [sic]. BTW, why is the background on a dark-grey side? Any hidden meaning?

Sameer said...

Cuckooji, thanks for the visiting again! your blog has become very popular :)

Atlasji! that is a difficult suggestion to draw :) arre tujhya blog var baryach divast no update?

Ajit, thanks.. there is no hidden meaning. the gray shade is just the result of taking a photo of the sketch under a tubelight. I should get a scanner..